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Villa Bertagni - Luxury house in Tuscany

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Lucrezia Borgia was the daughter of the notorious Pope and left a deep imprint in the history of Italy until her death in June 1519, the time when Villa Bertagni was built.

Lucrezia of Villa Bertagni is a royal room, full of passion, as befits the bearer of its name, with a stunning four poster bed reminiscent of the stories that evolved around the sensual and beautiful woman of this time.

The entrance to the room is through a lobby where a huge chandelier invites lovers, who arrive for a few days, to enter a sanctuary with stunning views of Tuscany.

The room has a sitting area in the style of the renaissance and the finest Italian coffee to be found.

The bathroom with its glass double doors was designed in the ancient Roman style, for lovers who cannot remove their eyes from one another. You can indulge in a free standing luxurious bath equipped with all the best amenities, a large walk in shower and a crystal chandelier which turns all colors into magic.

*breakfast included